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Default Re: Repro horseshair sporrrans (Pakistan); worth it or not?

Back to the OP, are we talking "military sporrans" in the sense of horsehair sporrans in general, or specifically speaking of reproductions of the exact patterns worn by specific Scottish regiments?

I've seen a wide range of quality in Pakistani horsehair sporrans.

With the bodies I've seen real horsehair and enough of it for the sporran to have a fairly high-quality feel.

I've also seen horrid fake horsehair, thin and incredibly cheap-looking.

With the cantles I've seen nice-quality cast tops.

I've also seen cast tops which are obviously re-casts made from heavily-worn originals, thus lacking much detail.

Now specifically about reproduction military sporrans, I have a reproduction Black Watch sporran that's made of real horsehair, fairly full, with high-quality tassels that look exactly like the originals.

The cantle, though, was re-cast from a worn original; I'd like more detail, personally.

Here it is

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