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I grew up listening to Colin playing with The High Level Ranters, and when I wanted to find out where I could get hold of a set of Northumbrian pipes in the early 1970s it was Colin's wife Ray, then secretary of the Northumbrian Pipers Society that I wrote to for information. I had a number of contacts with Colin by mail in subsequent years, and he was always helpful and informative. I started seeing him in person more in the late 1980s and 1990s and on reflection he always treated the likes of me as equals, though his knowledge of all aspects of piping and pipe making was far superior.

During the 1990s I purchased a double Scottish Smallpipe chanter from him, and still smile at the letter I received when I asked him about getting one. I knew he had made one for Hamish Moore so asked if he still made them, and how long would it take. Despite the notorious waiting lists of top smallpipe makers Colin replied that he hadn't made one for some years and my letter reminded him of the challenge and fun of making them. Consequently he was going to make one and it would be ready by the time of that year's Rothbury Festival (only a couple of months away). I could try it and if I liked it could pay him for it, if I didn't he would have enjoyed making it so it didn't matter. I still have it.......

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