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Default Re: Tuning question for Andante Reactor with Coretec heads

The Drum Dial is used on the bottom snare head to set the tension of the head at each lug. I generally set it to 2 rotations plus 87 on the drum dial.

As for the tuning block on the bottom head, I use it only to ensure that the head is set square on the head. That is, the head is not being pulled down on one side more than the other. After the head is square I turn each bolt 1/8 turn in a crosswise pattern to ensure the head stays square, using the drum dial periodically to keep an eye on the tension. The bottom heads are always checked and brought back up to 87 before each play.

As for using a tuning block on the top head, I only have experience with Coretec heads on Premiers. My experience was that if the Coretec head is overtightened it will break prematurely. I have decided to set them to 6 on the JK tuning block, and this seems to be fine.

If you don't use a Drum Dial then the tuning if slightly more complicated. Press down with your thumb on the bottom heads to get a "reading" and make each drum have the same "reading". Striking the head, lightly, with a stick will give a pitch and then you have to make all the pitches the same. I have found that the money spent on a Drum Dial was well worthwhile.

Hope this helps.


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