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Default Re: Too Large Pipes?

Originally Posted by piper Q View Post
Very few people will need an extended size bag.
An extended size bag is generally not equivalent to a large bag. For example, the only difference between the small Canmore bag and the extended small Canmore bag is that the latter is one inch longer. The circumference under the arm is exactly the same for both bags. This is also true of the the Canmore medium and extended medium bags. Other makers usually add to both the length and the depth of their bags to make an extended version. For example, the extended small Bannatyne bag is 1/2" deeper than the small size. This places the extended small size almost exactly halfway between the small and medium sizes. Many pipers find the small Bannatyne a bit too small and the medium a bit too large for comfort. The extended small works well in this case. Unfortunately, there is no standardisation in the terminology used by different bag makers.
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