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Default Re: Forum guidelines

Mat I make one small suggestion?
Do NOT allow men to make a entry in this "ladies only."
I have noticed through the years that this site is not used as it should.
The men have two other forums that we can tell the world how wise and great we are, plus the usual questions and answers.

A lot of times a lady will ask a question and a male will answer it. OK, so It;s answered, why not wait a day or two and a lady will answer it
I sincerely hope I am not out of line suggesting this to the guards of this forum.
I,m a pipe over 84, still playing and yes, I've had a dram or two but I have often thought there should be at least one area for the ladies to express themselves with questions and a lady's answer alone.
Am I out of step subgesting this? If so, I'm sorry. Cheers, Ken Maxwell
Ken Maxwell
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