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Default Photo: what bands?

There's a funky CD widely available on Amazon Ebay etc that obviously used a stock photo for the cover.

It's of a parade, or perhaps a March Past.

First off, the white hose worn by most of the bands, and the cream/offwhite/ecru hose worn by one of the bands, puts the photo in the middle of, or early on, in the White Hose Era.

The sporrans also suggest a bit earlier date, before most bands went with the black Hunting sporrans with chrome top. The sealskin sporrans more or less rule out the USA.

Note that one band is wearing shoe buckles, another older feature.

Off the top of my head I would guess around 1990.

We have these tartans:

Isle Of Skye. I know the Isle of Skye Pipe Band adopted it fairly recently, but this is a newer tartan (1992) so should help in dating the photo.

Stirling and Bannockburn. Is this the Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band?

MacLean of Duart (Weathered Colours). This tartan is worn by a large number of bands so who can say.

Black Watch (Ancient Colours) AKA Ancient Campbell.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks! Richard

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