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Default I hate my bagpipes

Has anyone ever bought a set of pipes (other than those from Pakistan) that have been a complete nightmare and that you've really hated?
Every time there's thread asking for opinions on a particular make of pipes, or asking for advice on which make of pipes to buy, generally most of the answers are along the lines of "I've got / had brand X bagpipes and I love(d) them. You should buy a set of these too. They're really great becasue..... ". You almost never see posts saying "Don't buy Y, I had a set and I hated them because....."
Please, no names of makes here. I'm not trying to get the forum shut down for defamation. I just want to test the theory that in actual fact ALL the main western makers of pipes these days are really good, that most of the makers in the past were also pretty good, and that no-one ever gets a set of pipes that they're unhappy with unless they buy a set of Sialkot's finest from Amazon/ebay.

(I don't actually hate my bagpipes. They're great, and you should buy the same make too. And the same bag, reeds, MCS, tuner, pipe case.....)
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