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Default Re: I hate my bagpipes

Originally Posted by gisahag View Post
Has anyone ever bought a set of pipes (other than those from Pakistan) that have been a complete nightmare and that you've really hated?

(I don't actually hate my bagpipes. They're great, and you should buy the same make too. And the same bag, reeds, MCS, tuner, pipe case.....)
I had a set I hated, couldn't get them tune, or stay in tune. Hated them. But after sometime, years, they became very easy to tune and would be stable for long periods. Looking back now it seems the problem was with the piper and not with the pipes.
I still play those old pipes and have a hell of alot of fun with them. Travelled the world with them, and competed at a good level. Not bad for a 'cheap' set.

And no you don't want to buy that make, I play this make and they are far superior
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