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Default Re: I hate my bagpipes

Kind of.

There are some pipes that are definitely better than others, though, it is largely a matter of taste.

I've had some students who already had pipes, and I thought to myself "if these were mine, I'd be pissed." And my first set, though they're perfectly "ok," it didn't take more than a few years for me to yearn for something "better" .. like many of the pipes I'd hear on the shoulders of other players.

That said though, "hate" is a mighty-strong word. There are very few makes that I might tell a student "stay away from xxxx" ... but there are a few.

And again ... taste. On the flipside, I LOVE my pipes, and part of that is its loud, roaring bass. Some folks agree with me, others don't. I don't really care who agrees though, they are MY pipes afterall. =) .. more for me.

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