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Default Re: Peaks and valleys of the learning process

Originally Posted by Nerdypiper42 View Post

Anyone else have the occasional (private) temper tantrum?
Oh Yeah.... and I started 53 years ago when I was 12. As a kid I had the benefit of a couple of great teachers but they both passed away many years ago and my memories of their urgings and encouragements (as well as their frequent exasperations and criticisms) have served me well for decades since.... I know when Iím getting it wrong and have them sitting on my shoulder nudging me to try again, and again, and again.

But what Iíve learned is that ranting at my own failings has to be moderated... a level of dissatisfaction with what Iím doing now helps spur me to keep trying, and none of us will ever improve without trying.

Iíll never be a Stuart Liddell, but I CAN be better than I am now; knowing both those things works for me and having folks like SL and a few dozen others gives me music to admire and strive towards, even though I know Iím unlikely to match them.... they show me whatís possible, even if we canít all be champions.

But overdoing the ranting is counterproductive and can quickly build into destruction of the self-belief that I think we need to stick at it (whatever IT is), so accept that progress isnít always in the desired direction but every setback has a purpose, even if itís only to keep at it until you re-master something you somehow forgot.

The end result of perseverance is improvement and thatís a good thing to achieve....aim for the chimney, hit the roof.

Good luck with your journey; may it bring you as much joy as mine has to me
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