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Default Re: Peaks and valleys of the learning process

Originally Posted by thevoidboy View Post
Given enough time, energy and effort: you could be a Stu Liddell.

It sounds naive, but you would be surprised how malleable brain, nerves, muscles and tendons are to suggestion.


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Precisely. Telling oneself ďI canít be as good as (((whatever))) is essentially blocking and limiting yourself.

I have no idea how developed I might become, but I continually remind myself not to make any assumptions. None. Iím working on my playing, and that work will continue until Im physically unable to carry on. Even then, I can tell you, Iíll be trying to find a solution that gets me going again.

Dont label yourself an ďadult learnerĒ either. Thereís near always a negative association people apply with it, and itís completely invalid. People do this all the time, and it makes me see red.

Youíre not an adult learner .... your a learner. Period. Your age has nothing to do with anything aside from when you can collect social security (good luck with that) and get a senior discount at Dennyís.

Get back to work; and enjoy yourself ... now. =]

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