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Default Re: Peaks and valleys of the learning process

Nate, I admire your aim of never setting limits.... thatís great, and I wish you well with it.

But. Since I now qualify for my pension and any number of discounts due to age I donít think admitting Iím never likely to win gold at Inverness is particularly limiting, just realistic .

My own aims remain to get as close as I can to my best, some 40-odd years ago, before the inevitable effects of time start to bite... setting unrealistic goals can be as destructive as none at all.... itís a question of finding the best balance of spur and encouragement and that varies with every individual.

I honestly think that itís unhelpful to tell every kid (or adult) that one day they can be President if they just work hard enough....only a few have a real chance at that, so I prefer suggesting that everyone does the best they can and keeps at it until they canít improve any further, thatís all

Good luck to anyone striving, at whatever their aim might be....
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