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Default Re: Suite for developing players

Originally Posted by Pip01 View Post
Hmm... Rather reminiscent... at least to my (sometimes
stone ears... of "Steam Train to Mallaig." (Which I like!!)

Any ideas as to when it was written... and by whom?

And... as a Post-Scriptive Aside:

Slow in the... or any... new tune acquisition... is the way...
as such is the manner... that most of us... first KBO'd our
way through... "Scots Wha' Ha'e."

Sorry Pip01. Didn't see this till just now. "Our Natives" was composed by Simon Blackshaw and can be found in 'A Collection of Contemporary Bagpipe Music'. I recently heard the tune and liked it and found that a couple vendors still have the book in stock.

It is much simpler than Steam Train......there's only 2 parts for the most part and a short section for 4 pipers.

The hardest thing about the tune is the repetition.

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