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Default Anyone know these pipes, wood? Maker?

Hi all, I recently got this set of pipes from Sourcebagpipes. My wife bought them as a gift for our wedding anniversary as I was mooning over them (something about them kept me coming back to look at them again and again) and she decided they would make a great gift which I am really chuffed about.

They really are a terrific sounding set of pipes with a tone that is sweet and full of lovely harmonics (the wife describes them as 'old and mellow' sounding) and they tune pretty low. Using Henderson Harmonic deluxe reeds I have to have the adjuster screws full in to get the drone tops up to where I want them on the pins with a reasonably low Naill blackwood chanter.

Now to the questions -

1. Ross at Source tells me that he believes they were made by a turner who formerly worked for Naill, does anyone know who this might be or does anyone recognise the pipes or their style?

2. Ross told me that he believes they are Ebony and Coco bolo anyone know how to tell or is able to tell from the pics?
I am no expert and so have no idea how to tell ebony from African Blackwood although what I will say it that they are a fair bit lighter than my half nickel Henderson PHo1's or my button mounted Naill Dn0's.
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