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Default Re: Anyone know these pipes, wood? Maker?

Thank you for that input Glenurquhart. I am pretty certain they are not from Pakistan. I was told by Ross MacKenzie, and I don't see that he had any reason to lie, that they were made by a chap who was involved in hand turning for D. Naill for a friend around 2010. He couldn't or wouldn't tell me more than that. He didn't talk them up and I bought them because they attracted me rather than being sold them. Soundwise they are cracking with a very mellow but full sound! I meant to actually compare them lengthwise against my other 'standard' pipes but I am guessing the drones are actually a bit longer than standard as my Henderson Harmonic deluxe reeds are set to highest pitch to get the drone tops tuning toward the top of the brass slides.

The weird thing for me is that, although I have handled quite a few sets of pipes over the years none have felt 'old' and oddly delicate when I picked them up the way these do which had me wondering if they were actually an old set of pipes that had been re-worked but, against that is that the blowpipe has never had a flapper valve fitted (no groove for it) and has a mouthpiece with a valve incorporated. The other odd thing, and I actually quite like it, is the cord guide level with the tenors on the bass drone.

I have to note that my wife didn't pay an enormous amount for these and I am only interested academically in trying to find out who might have been the maker. Whoever they were they created a really sweet sounding set of pipes.

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