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Default Re: Anyone know these pipes, wood? Maker?

Ach to be honest it's purely idle interest. It would be nice to know the story of where they came from and who made them but it's by no means necessary for me to enjoy them. I don't doubt that they were made in a shed somewhere, and knowing whether it was by a skilled bagpipe maker or by a hobbyist turner/piper is just curiosity. When looked at closely they clearly are handmade and, while the mounts and caps follow a set pattern, they are not identical. The fact for me is that they are unique, unusual, sound really nice and are a gift for my wedding anniversary from my wife. I spied them on the Sourcebagpipes website and something just kept me returning to them until my wife said "do you like them that much because, if so, I'll buy them for you". When I received them and stuck them in a bag they just fell straight into tune with ease with my Naill's Blackwood chanter.

They are now never going to leave my possession as they have taken on not only sentimental value but they have a great 'feel' to them also and I guess that is what really matters in any set of pipes plus I do rather dig the unusual simple, flat combing, brass slides and the simple elegance of the coco bolo mounts.

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