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Default Parting Glass, 2nd part

Yes, this tune again.

A students wants a pipe version of the version that starts F E | D B B LA and not the D D C B LA LA.

I have listened to dozens of mostly but not only Irish singers, and many instrumental settings, and hear five or six different versions of the first two bars of the second part.

I simply have no expertise in this Irish (or maybe Scots) tune, though I never tire of hearing a nicely done version. So far, most of the Highland pipe versions have been substandard for a variety of reasons.

So, is there a good musical rendering of the first two bars of the second part? Or not? I worked out one which followed a couple of Irish singers.

F | HA F-HA HA. F | HA F-HA HA. F | HG F E D | E. LA-LA etc. with a harmony behind it. But were my sources just doing their own thing, as many singers are wont to do. Or is there a GOOD and musical version?

My student musters out of the army soon, and he wants to play this for his unit at his leaving gathering.

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