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Default Re: Drone Volume in Old Recordings

I have a chanter that dates from the 1950s or 1960s and it's not as loud as a modern chanter, so that's at least one factor. As previously mentioned, chanter reeds are probably louder too, but I don't have any reeds that are that old :-)

The recordings in the link are all from the 1950s. They were probably made on a mono reel-to-reel deck. There's no telling what kind of microphone was used, but microphone placement has a dramatic impact on the recording.

The room sounds really nice, btw. It's a fairly large room. The fact that the room is clearly heard tells us something about microphone placement. Assuming it's a single microphone, it's a fair distance from the instrument. Bass travels better over distance than treble. Also, it sounds like the piper is stationary, which suggests Mr. Lorimer might have worked with him to optimize the sound.

We also don't know how the recordings were transferred to digital. The machine itself could have colored the sound, and the person who did the transfer might have used any number of digital restoration techniques, including EQ.
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