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Default Contests for G4 in NY Metropolitan Area

I'm currently a piping student in the Midwest who is looking to start competing in 2020. I'll also be planning a few trips home to New York City next year, and thought I might as kill two birds with one stone and combine a trip home with a trip to a piping contest!

With that being said, what are some of the regularly occuring competitions (for grade 4) that take place in and around the NY Metropolitan area? I have my eye on the Capital District Indoors and Ourdoor events in Albany, and would love to add 1-2 more to my docket. I'm particularly interested in opportunities to compete in grade 4 piobaireachd, as well as the 2/4 march.

In my limited experience chatting with my tutor, it seems that many contests generally fall on the same calendar week (such as Louisville in the MWPBA). Although I don't know any pipers that are active in the EUSPBA circuit, and was unable to find a definitive list on the website.

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