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Default Re: Contests for G4 in NY Metropolitan Area

Originally Posted by Joseph Diodato View Post
I'm currently a piping student in the Midwest who is looking to start competing in 2020. I'll also be planning a few trips home to New York City next year, and thought I might as kill two birds with one stone and combine a trip home with a trip to a piping contest!

With that being said, what are some of the regularly occuring competitions (for grade 4) that take place in and around the NY Metropolitan area? I have my eye on the Capital District Indoors and Ourdoor events in Albany, and would love to add 1-2 more to my docket. I'm particularly interested in opportunities to compete in grade 4 piobaireachd, as well as the 2/4 march.

In my limited experience chatting with my tutor, it seems that many contests generally fall on the same calendar week (such as Louisville in the MWPBA). Although I don't know any pipers that are active in the EUSPBA circuit, and was unable to find a definitive list on the website.

There's quite a few, if you're willing to drive up to about an hour or two (give or take) each way. If you're willing to go about as far as Scotia, then that sets you up for a pretty good bunch for you to choose from.

So as you say, first there's the Scotia Glenville Indoor and Outdoor, which are some nice, smaller and early contests for the competing season.

A little later on (early June) there's the NJ Irish Fest in Oceanport, NJ. Pretty well attended event, and it seems to have been growing every year. That's about 1.5 hrs out of the city or less.

In late June, there's the Round Hill Games, in Salisbury, CT. That's a bit on the farther side from NYC, but should be less than 3 hours.

In Mid-July there's another one in NJ ... the Jersey Shore Piping/Drumming Classic. It's in Tom's River, which is about 1.5 hrs away (only a little farther than NJ Irish)

Around about the first weekend in August is the Rockland County AOH event, which seems to be a very well attended contest. That's in Orangeburg NY, which is less than an hour out of the city.

Back in the Scotia area, Labor Day weekend, is one of the bigger events of the year ... Capital District Highland Games. Definitely worth trying to make that .. held at the Altamont Fairgrounds.

And lastly, though I've never been to it, there's what appears to be a rather small contest on Long Island, Nassau AOH Feis in Long Beach, NY. It's held around mid-September.

By the way, you can get all this info from the EUSPBA's results portal. Here's the venue listing.


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