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Default Re: A few visit statistics - FWN

An update, for those with an interest:

I am scared (excited?) now.. the level of activity on these forums is beyond anything I expected - many of our forums are still being setup, just starting.. and we have already hit a level of activity that is frightening... (I had no idea there would be this level of acceptance, and so quickly)

And - the Drumming forums are just starting
And - the Dance forums are about to start..

We had more than 36,000 hits yesterday!
*Yes, that is a numbers game, but so many web sites report hits..

The fact is, we are doubling (at least) the number of new viewers each day, and the forum page views.. scary - more than 6,800 visits to the forum yesterday! (up from 2,200 the day before)

Youch - looks like we're really on to something here...


Whew.. Bob
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