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Default Re: Introductions - new piper

Hello to all my fellow pipers!
After playin the Greek pipes for several years, i decided its time i struggled with the Highland ones!
So, i purchased a Galore Delrin set after lots of practice with the practice chanter, but i ve been facing 2 major issues so far...

a) Well, seems like im a wet blower, since after every session, the interior looks like there was an inner storm! But since the bag is synthetic, do i really need a Moisture Control System? And if yes, which one would you suggest?
b) Would a blowpipe-valve be just enough or an extra necessity? And if yes, which one?

Every time i start to play, the sound of 2 of the drones or all of them is just shut off after a few seconds! So im left with only one drone(usually the outer tenor) sounding, or none at all! Is that common for rookie players? Can i fix it somehow? Would a drone-valve help with this issue, and if yes, which one would you suggest?

Any responses would be much appreciated and thanx a lot in advance! And appologies for the swarm of questions.. but im really in the dark here

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