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Default Re: Introductions - new piper

Originally Posted by Greek Piper View Post
a) Well, seems like im a wet blower, since after every session, the interior looks like there was an inner storm! But since the bag is synthetic, do i really need a Moisture Control System? And if yes, which one would you suggest?
b) Would a blowpipe-valve be just enough or an extra necessity? And if yes, which one?
If you had a leather bag, you might be able to get away from a MCS depending on how much of a wet blower you actually are, but you will likely need one with a synthetic bag. As for which one, that seems to be a very individualized question. What works for one person may not work for another, and something most people hate might be the best things since sliced bread for someone else. I have a drawer full of various systems that I've tried with varying degrees of success over the last 10 years and I just installed a new Bannatyne Dri-Flow system (which does seem to be very effective, but I've only been using it for a few weeks). I would suggest starting with a basic tube trap and then go from there.

And a blowpipe valve (the flapper that sits on the end of the blowpipe) is quite handy and is pretty much considered a necessity by most pipers (I do know some use their tongue). The basic rubber disk is what most people seem to use, but things like the Moose valve also work well, so its more of a case of how much you want to spend.

Originally Posted by Greek Piper View Post
Every time i start to play, the sound of 2 of the drones or all of them is just shut off after a few seconds! So im left with only one drone(usually the outer tenor) sounding, or none at all! Is that common for rookie players? Can i fix it somehow? Would a drone-valve help with this issue, and if yes, which one would you suggest?
This sounds like your drone reeds are not adjusted correctly and are shutting off at pressure you are trying to play the pipes at. Basically, you need to move the bridle further towards the drone (assuming your reed's tongue opening is pointing away from the drone) to open it up. What you want to end up with is all three drone reeds setup to shutoff at the same pressure, but that pressure is just above the level you normally play out. This will ensure that they are efficient as possible, but you aren't going to be shutting them off if you are blowing steady. When you are starting out, you might want to set them a little more open just to give you a bit of wiggle room for unsteady blowing.

As always, the best advice is to seek out a knowledgable instructor who would be able to offer this type of advice, tailored to your pipes/circumstances/etc. and who would be able to sort out any setup issues like the reeds shutting off in short order. Even if you don't know of anyone in your area that teaches, you can always find someone that does on-line lessons that can at least help you along what is often a bumpy, but enjoyable, journey.
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