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Originally Posted by apease View Post

From my beginner vantage point it looks like working up to the pressure and airflow requirements of the bagpipes will be my biggest challenge.

I thought after playing bass clarinet it couldn't be too bad, but more power and breath is required than I ever expected.

Greetings, apease,

If... if... it is any consolation (at all :) ... you should know that it isn't
a matter of size... or brawn... that gets any of us through this particular
thicket. (Otherwise, no Gurkha or Maylay (and I've known a few) pipers. :)

Rather... and what ever your (or anyone's) size... or physique... it
is a simple matter... of technique... (Rather like being the smaller
fellow... in a Ju-Jitsu tournament. :)

Just stay in the ring... and KBO... and it will come!!

All the Best!!


My friends all know,
With what a brave carouse...

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