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Default Re: Drone reeds "double toning"?

Originally Posted by Gassy View Post
Am I right that I should probably move the bridle towards the vibrating end of the reed?
Towards the bag, making the tongue shorter. This will also make the reed easier to blow, or more air efficient. Likely with a double tone present, your Drones are not "calibrated" to the Chanter Reed. If you over-pressure, all 3 drones should shut off. Another sign of well calibrated Drones, is being able to tap them out. If a drone doesn't tap out, its likely too strong.

You might also try a different bridle. More tension, or less tension will make a difference. As to which material to use for a bridle?? Anything that functions as a bridle will do. O-rings from the pieces and parts boxes at the hardware store come in handy.

What I used to do with Ross Omegas, is to put an orthodontic rubber bridle just in front of the regular one.

Another thing I have done, with various reeds is to have a 2nd Bridle, usually an O-ring, behind the regular one. (on the UP, or Pipe side)

With Cane Reeds (well with synths too, but its not often done) a double tone can be caused by the tongue being too heavy... and if shorting it doesn't work, material is filed off (from underneath on cane) to make it lighter. I have had to sand a wee bit off (from the top) of Ezee tongues to get rid of a double tone. An advanced technique perhaps.. but its basic reed craft with cane.. so I consider it normal to sand a wee bit off of synth.

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