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Default Re: Drone reeds "double toning"?

Originally Posted by Gassy View Post
FWIW I often cannot hear the expected 116Hz on the bass. I checked the setup by mouth blowing down the moisture control tubes (bypassing the MCS except for last bit of hose and valve). If I tap the end of the drones often they reset to the correct pitch. How hard should I need to blow? About PC level, or more?
What meter are you using?? I use a Blair so all drone pitches read 466 if that is what I am shooting for.

You should need to blow a bit more than your PC, but I have a light reed in my PC so this can vary.

A basic approach: Move the bridle up the tongue toward the vibrating end until the reed in the drone just shuts off when blown hard by mouth, then back it down until it stays on when your chanter starts with the pipes all together. There's a fine line between movements to get the most air efficient pipes, so expect this to take a bit of time.

For additional info, see Andrew Lenz's blog and search this site for reed tips.
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