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Default Re: Drone reeds "double toning"?

Can I kick this thread back up to ask how this all worked out?

I'm a new piper.. with a new set of pipes.. with new reeds. Kinnaird drone reeds. The bass reed has been difficult for me to get going. Without all the tedious details, I'll just say that it's double-toning like Gassy describes, and I've made some slight adjustments but don't want to keep fussing with it until I know what I'm doing, also wonder if I should resist adjustments for a bit - is there a matter of "blowing in" synthetic reeds? I only play a few minutes per day, a few days a week, so they barely have a few hours playing on them total, if that. They also let out very high-pitched noises if there's ANY air in the bag whatsoever, almost the second I start to just inflate the bag, and they tail off with the same noise after I stop playing and stop applying any pressure to the bag. Does this stop after they get some solid playing time on them? Again I moved the bridles slightly towards the vibrating end, but don't want to get to where I can't get them back to a "default" setting if I mess around too much.

In the meantime, for fun and to be into the heritage of the instrument, I got a set of cane drone reeds, and tried just the bass. Boom, right on pitch immediately. I mean, it's a little rough and loud, but it's new. I'm wondering if I should feel encouraged to take on cane, or it's just beginner's luck.
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