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Default Re: Drone reeds "double toning"?

Originally Posted by Gassy View Post
I can easily over blow on the strike in. This results in 'squealing' as opposed to double toning...

...I should be giving the bag a wee hit at strike in, but clearly I was giving it too hard a whack... with just a wee squeeze of the bag instead of a hit, the drones come in perfectly and the squealing only occurs when I give the reeds too much air...
This is all puzzling, if indeed your pipes are old Lawries. I've owned three or four old Lawries over the years and it was pretty much impossible to get a BAD strike-in, even if I tried my darnedest. I could do no strike-in, just slowly milking air to the drones, or do a big punch, or anything in between, and the drones would just start.

Hmmm... are you using a Gore-Tex bag? I think sometimes when people are having trouble striking in, it's a bag thing rather than a reed thing.

Originally Posted by Gassy View Post
The adjustments are often minuscule, people are not joking when they say a hair's width makes a difference.
And sometimes smaller than a hair's breadth! I've made adjustments on EzeeDrone reeds by moving the rubber band on the BACK side, not moving the part in contact with the tongue at all. The tongue is the same length, but is under a tiny bit more pressure.
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