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Default Re: Drone reeds "double toning"?

Originally Posted by Gassy View Post
I can provide training on how to do a bad strike in if you need.

I was playing in a band that suddenly decided to go to Gore-Tex bags. I didn't like the feel under my arm, and getting good strike-ins and cut-offs in a band situations was much trickier. I never had difficulty per se, but it required much more skill. You had to hit the bag just right, not too hard, not too soft, a narrow window of what would work. And for cut-offs you had to think ahead and be conscious of how much air was in the bag and time it just right.

Then we went to Gannaway bags OMG how effortless these things became. Strike in any old way, it didn't matter, it was good every time. At the end just lift your arm off the bag, didn't matter much if there was still some air in there, it would stop clean every time. Add to that more ergonomic feel, and bigger tone. (Same pipes, same reeds, the only difference was the bag.)

Then we went to sheepskin and everything was better yet.

And some drones are just trickier to strike in that others. I see beginners struggling with drones that are inherently hard to strike in, tied into a bag that's inherently hard to control, and shake my head. Why do that to yourself?
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