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Default Re: Polyester thread instead of hemp = game changer!

Originally Posted by gisahag View Post
“Shouldn'tever rot, as it's not natural!”
Yes but generally on this planet, where there’s moisture there’s life. So some micro-organism or other will end up living between the fibres. Probably a smelly one
I don't let moisture "pool" up on any of my joints, parts, or otherwise. And regular hemp can get pretty stinky too if not allowed to dry. A spritz of MacClens or other cleaner goes a along way toward keeping the thread (or whatever part) fresh, as does regular airing out of the pipe bag (I play a synthetic).

I've had this thread on my practice chanter for quite some time now and there's no hint of stinkyness, but again, I take it apart when I'm done playing and let it dry.
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