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Default Re: Polyester thread instead of hemp = game changer!

I've done this to my PC and pipes and will similarly report in with my results over time. So far, I'm loving what it has done for my PC - the joint suffers no swelling or binding after practice sessions and dries out no better or worse than waxed hemp. Given that this is a pricey MacLellan chanter that cannot be replaced, I'm quite happy that it's no longer ever difficult to remove the top.

On a broader note - I don't think on principle it's as bombastic an idea as some here are suggesting. New ideas often seem odd and that's to be expected, but when you consider modern GHB playing, there's a fair bit of kit in our instruments that's synthetic already so it shouldn't seem loony to suggest a synthetic alternative for joint assembly. I imagine the first person to make a synthetic drone reed got a few crossways looks in his day.

"Because we've always done it that way" is just about one of the worst philosophies to have if you care about progress. It even has a name in the pantheon of logical fallacies and there goes by Appeal to Tradition.

At any rate, I was curious enough to actually try it and not rely on suppositions for which I really have no basis. If it's a crap idea then it's a crap idea but so far so good!
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