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Default Re: Polyester thread instead of hemp = game changer!

Hemp is not the same variety of plant as marijuana, both are cannabis but hemp carries a low THC. That controversy should have been well dissipated by now. There is essentially no psychoactive substance in hemp, it grows differently, and has been de-regulated for a long time, and not just in Colorado. I would imagine it will make a comeback as a natural fiber as more farmers start growing it again. My hope is that someone will eventually sell the real deal bagpipe hemp is it used to be sold--just for the sake of historicity.

Incidentally, I've been told that the last words of any failing business or organization is usually ""Because we've always done it that way"...and agreed, it "is just about one of the worst philosophies to have". It does not benefit innovation, nor does it benefit any future success if there are better things to try out. Hemp or cotton works fine, but if it's ease of use and less hassle..give me my dental floss and/or a good poly thread.

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