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Default Re: Hijaz scale, Israeli tunes

Originally Posted by pancelticpiper View Post

In Western Art Music terminology it's called the Harmonic minor scale. This of course is a misnomer because the scale has a Major 3rd.

In Western Art Music terminology Harmonic Minor ( A, B, Cnat, D, E Fnat G# A) as opposed to Natural Minor evolved to allow a V7-I resolution in an otherwise n minor tune. It solved a harmonic problem. it also created a melodic problem in that it had a (very foreign-sounding) augmented 2nd between the 6th and 7th steps- not so bad going up, but "alien" coming down. So…… then we had the Melodic Minor Scale to solve that problem- (A B Cnat D, E, F#, G# A) going up and the Natural minor scale coming down.

At least that's what was drilled into us Music Majors in Theory and Harmony classes a lifetime ago.
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