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Default Re: Pipe bag for smallpipes

Originally Posted by Swepiper View Post
MacHarg sounds like a good product, i might consider it. Buying stuff overseas is a hassle though, plus I'm on a tight budget.

No thoughts on using the previously mentioned bags with smallpipes?
I, for one, can only comment on what I know, and I have limited experience with those products. I much prefer bellows-blown smallpipes, so my perspective is a bit limited in that regard.

The last time I played mouth-blown smallpipes regularly was about 20 years ago, as I was waiting for my bellows-blown smallpipes to arrive. As soon as those came, I sold off my mouth-blown, and never looked back. Though I do play highland pipes still, and often.

I believe the mouth-blown smallpipes set I was using had a Canmore. I was content with it .. no moisture control, but then, moisture control systems were far-less prevalent at the time. Also, I was young and new to piping, so I had no expectations. Neither of those are the case now ... I'm much older, and have plenty of expectations. =P So far, whenever I've tried smallpipes with synthetic bags, I've found them to be very uncomfortable ... but that's purely based on my preferences.

My first highland pipe bag was a Canmore, and it seemed to breath pretty well. I've used Bannatyne hybrids as well; those really seemed to trap in moisture, so moisture control was a must. But, I don't know about their non-hybrid bags, which is what you appear to have there with that link.

I've recently, and finally, tried sheepskin on my highland pipes for the first time ... I like it a lot so far, though I'll confess, I was reasonably content with some of the hybrid bags I was using previously.

Everyone has different tastes and needs. Mine are (usually) natural bags, or firm-feeling hybrids. And for smallpipes, I greatly favor bellows (especially since moisture isn't a worry whatsoever).

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