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Default Re: Your 2019 setup?

Originally Posted by Patrick McLaurin View Post
Will, I like the x-treme bass because itís bold and solid. And itís super easy to tune with no funny business, nice and stable. Tonally better in each pipe than what it replaced.
Interesting. I might try and pick one up used perhaps.

I received my Breadalbane pipes this week and have a few reeds on hand that I've tried namely Redwoods, Ezees, Selbies. But I'd like to try some others. Probably just the bass though. Selbie and Ezee tenors are great.

Originally Posted by Klondike Waldo View Post
Yes, the G1 Bb reeds work just fine in my 40-year old McLeod Chanter. Depending on the ambient temperature, they'll pitch at 466 to 472 Hz.
I don't have any newer, higher-pitched chanters, so can't answer that.
I have a Bb, a 470ish Gael, and an McC2. I might take up this reed as an experiment up the line in pitch and find out.

Originally Posted by Army.Bagpiper View Post
Hi Will! The EzeeDrone Increased Absorption Inverted Bass reed is still very new, but it has locked seamlessly with the older regular EzeeDrone Tenors. I only had to calibrate it, a millimeter or so to open it up and it has sat still for the week or so I have been playing it. I am warming up to it. It took a little to get used to the new sound because I have been accustomed to the Henderson Deluxe Bass Drone Reed, which I have been using for two seasons now.
The Henderson Deluxe is a big reed though as I hear it. More toward the leaf blower end of things. Ezees in my experience tend to be mellow and smooth. I used the Inverted Ezee with my MacLellans to smooth down the intense bass those pipes have.

Originally Posted by Army.Bagpiper View Post
The Tone protector has cut my "warm up" to practice time to a fraction of what it was, so now I can almost tune and get to the serious practicing and spend more time in working on my tunes, then waiting for the reeds to come to the point where I can tune them and expect them to hold for any given amount of time.
This is a strong endorsement. Maybe I will add this to my list.

Originally Posted by el gaitero View Post
MG White Mamba drone reeds....👌
I was looking into these. Looks like the difference between them and the regular black MG reeds are the paddle shaped tenor tongues?
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