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Default Re: Your 2019 setup?

Originally Posted by Mac an t-Sealgair View Post
Yeah, used too much. Put a small sausage shaped piece in instead of a bb shape.

Set up the xtreme with the blu tack today, got them tuning nice and high on their pins. What revalation the reeds are, the ezeedrone are deceptively good (and loud) but the xtreme (bass especially) make my pipes come alive!

Thanks el gaitero
Bee's wax also works well to fill hollow screws. Roll small balls in your fingers to warm it up and tamp it in with the shank of a small drill bit. Use the "cutting" end of the same bit to remove some wax if needed.

I've often wondered, the drilled hole in the adjusting screw obviously affects the reed's tuning chamber length but does it serve another purpose? Tone, stability? The screws in my Xtreme reeds are turned from bar stock, drilling the hole is an added machining operation that could be omitted by making the reed a little longer. Maybe the hole does more than we assume??

Edit: Does reducing the weight of the screw by drilling affect the vibrancy of the reed?

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