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Default Re: Who makes this reed?

The risks of using this type of reed are starting to surface.

Today I played in a competition at Parramatta using the same reed and chanter that Callum Beaumont said sounded nice at an earlier competition.

After playing one judge asked me if I was playing a plastic chanter reed, I said I was, he said he did not want to get into the plastic reed debate but that I would have had first place if not for my chanter sound.

He had to ask if I was using one of these plastic reeds before making his comments. Enough said.

One of the senior pipers that heard of this judge's comments told me the person is a ____ head. This old bloke told me the story about the introduction of poly penco chanters and plastic drone reeds some time before I was born.

He told me that a Mr Murray won a Gold Medal with a Poly Penco chanter and a Ross controlled bag at a time when the poly chanters were being demonized. It was a nice story and I would like to believe it happened that way.

He was being nice to me and when I told him of Mr Beaumont's judging comments he said no contest as to who's view has value.

The other piper using one of these reeds did well but he did not disclose the reed.

The advantages of these reeds are clear and for those that do not have the strength, control or reed craft to use cane, they fill a void. Poly chanters are now the norm so I guess the regressive negative nay sayers eventually loose their voice.

This craft needs to move forward and innovators should be given some room to move. If plastic pipes, chanters and drone reeds can be accepted, what is the big hang-up with the chanter reeds?

I think that if Big Jim M was prepared to support Legere in creating a plastic chanter reed, it has some legs.

The thing is, to avoid the nay sayers, just don't tell anyone if you use one of these reeds.
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