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Default Re: Who makes this reed?

Well Harley I for one am impressed with the sound of that reed.

I have occasionally used a Clanrye plastic reed when I had a gig where my pipes had to be exactly in tune and the weather was problematic.

Your reed sounds much better, from what I can hear.

BTW my Clanrye reeds (I have two) have High G's which are a mile sharp, so sharp that no amount of tape can fix them. I used them when I had to play Amazing Grace with an orchestra. (That tune, fortunately, has no High G's).

My McLaren reeds (I have two) have E's that are a mile flat, so to play those would require a modified chanter, with the E hole moved up closer to the F# hole. (Or carve out the E hole so it's a long oval, difficult to finger.)

About the naysayers, yes they initially rejected poly chanters, then they rejected synthetic drone reeds, then they rejected synthetic bags. Yet people can get great tone playing all of these things.
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