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Default Re: Who makes this reed?

Matt, you make a very strong point.

Recently a band used Glenarley composite chanter reeds at a competition at Ipswitch and because these reeds are very bright and vibrant, especially on the top hand, they pitched at mid 470's so as not to be too outstanding.

They were judged by 3 of the judges as "Dull" yet the promoters used their MSR performance as part of the promotion material.
Clearly the sound producers thought they sounded ok.

An academic piper with 2 Phd's and other degrees to his name sent a personal email to the band congratulating them on the clarity of their sound, albeit at a lower pitch than the other bands. He felt it was strange that the judges could not distinguish tone from pitch as their sound was far from dull.

It seems like a common theme where judges are using their eyes rather than their ears to judge. I see judges with their cell phone on the desk while judging with the bagpipe tuner app running. I was once told I would have sounded much better if I had a couple of mm of hemp showing on my drones. My uncle started a rant on this forum about that incident and eventually the thread for Unicorn Farts was barred.

You have suffered the same type of issue an I know you are not Robinson Crusoe.

Orchestras play at around A 440 and have done so for a long time. Probably there is a sound musical reason for this. They are also being judged by people listening and appreciating music, not someone looking at a tuner watching for visible hemp lines and type of equipment brand and material.

Orchestras often use objective blind testing selection processes to select musicians and judging by the output, I would have to think this is a sound practice.

Set achievable goals and you will keep this craft alive. Let people play whatever they like and just judge on the output. In stating this, I still have music teachers that refuse to call the GHB a musical instrument.
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