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Default Re: Testing air tightness of bag

Originally Posted by CalumII View Post
There isn't one right answer to this, but in general if you fully inflate it, and can't force in any more air after thirty seconds, you can't get much better.

To me, if it still feels tight as a drum after thirty seconds, I'm happy. Synthetic bags always lose some air, and it's rarely fixable. If it's noticeably slack, then it will be noticeable when playing. If you're fit and not playing at your limits it may be manageable, but it's time to think about a replacement.
I’d readily agree 30 seconds is quite adequate....albeit there’s that recent demo video of Bruce Hitchings displaying the superb air efficiency of his Balance Tone drone reeds....the vid wherein a hard blown up syn bag with only the chanter stock corked remains drum tight laying on a countertop for ...???.. apparently well beyond 10 minutes before the drones finally start to sound from lowered air pressure.
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