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Default Suite for developing players

Hi gaggle & gang,
I have attended a few piping schools or "summer camps" and would like to perhaps perform a suite with 1 or 2 other developing players, Grade IV-III players, possibly get a couple of the program hot-dogs in on it. It would be for next year as we all have immense competition for our time and focus. All of us are in college programs, work, etc.

Can anyone recommend a simpler "suite" playable by some developing lower-grade players? I love Beaches of Harris and the like and have Mark Saul's books, but I don't think any of us imagine we can keep up with SFU or the rubbery-fingered de'ils of the NYPBoS.

I'd like to be able to purchase the music and hopefully have an audio copy that we could all practice to remotely, and once we have the music memorized, collaborate via Skype so we can try to have something fun to play for student recital next summer.

Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!

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