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Default Re: Starting a Pipe Band from Scratch

I used to teach the local high school pipe band, though it was only grades 9-12.

Pipers will, obviously, start on a PC. Have a set of school ones to loan out if needed, but encourage all the students to buy their own. Make sure they know they'll be starting on PC, otherwise they may get discouraged. I did, however, always get them started on the pipes quickly - drones corked, just holding LA. Would do a day or two on PC, a day on pipes early in the year, moving to mostly pipes as the year progresses. As the years go on and you have more students who are already on the full pipes, they can go off and practice things while you work with the newbies on getting sound out. I also wouldn't let students try playing any tunes on the pipes until they passed their "minute test" where they had to play HA for a solid minute with no chokes whatsoever.
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