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Default Re: Ears versus Tuners

Originally Posted by burp birl View Post
I don't know about the rest of you, but I do know that my blowing is different if I try and use a tuner. If my pipes are tuned with a tuner they are close but I can tell when I start playing a tune that the pipes are slightly out of tune and I have to tweak them a bit and I really feel that this is because I'm blowing slightly different.

Ultimately what works best for me is to tune by ear and play well known tuning phrases or tunes that I know well.....such as Morag of Dunvegan (lots of High A's, Low A's, and C's), and tweak the drones as needed.

Not only is blowing pressure different when playing a tune, it also varies from tune to tune! When comparing chanters in the pipe corps to the designated master chanter you get a different tuning if you play a scale, a different tuning if you play a comfortable tune such as Green Hills and a different tuning again if you play your competition march, jig etc. We have all heard bands sounding good marching down the street to Green Hills, where everyone is confident with the tune but the next tune might be a 4 parted 6/8 and suddenly the band doesn't sound as good. Extra factors in addition to tune confidence, is pipe maintenance and piping fitness - a Pipe Major's job isn't easy, with or without tuners!!
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