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Default Re: Tuning pin hemp leak

Originally Posted by Steve Law View Post
With respect to all the valid thoughts earlier, I'd spend some time and make quite sure the hemp was as neat and parallel as I could - the colour is irrelevant, but I always use waxed, and finish by running the drone parts together for a good while to settle the hemp and going back again and checking.... usually find that once that's sorted a small application of cork grease to the slides helps smooth operation.
While this may work, I would only recommend this if you leave your tenor tops on when you pack the pipes away. I take my tops off and wouldnít want little fuzzies from my case, or hairs and whatnot sticking to my pins or getting grease on the inside of my case after a fresh application.

What I use (and YMMV) is plain real hemp (the white stuff - not linen) with some cobblers was on the first two feet or so to anchor it to the pin. After that, just the hemp and nothing else. I wrap it like Ringo has on his website and get it to where itís JUST too tight when I put the tops on. After it compresses and smooths out after a day or two, itís perfect.

Makes me think of the old saying around here, ask 12 different pipers get 15 different answers.
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