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Default Developing steady pressure

We all experienced the difficulty of having a new piper develop an ear and feel for steady pressure on the pipes. I've taken the gage from a Blood Pressure Cuff and set it up with a hose to a hollow cork. I've had the student insert it into the end tenor drone and have it set to where he can watch the needle. I told him listen to the tone of the drones and watch the needle, to try to keep the needle as steady as possible and to hold a steady tone as long as he can. We're working him up to playing the simplest of tunes aand now with a visual clue as well we're making better progress.

On another note with the set of pipes he has (Ebay anyone?) we discovered a unique aspect that was also distracting from advancement. The molded plastic blow pipe had for lack of a better term a floating little mac valve in the body, coupled with a little mac in the stick end the air flow was erratic at best entering the bag. Removal of the hard rubber piece also made the pipes more playable. Just a few observations on what I've and another person have experienced with the student's pipes.

What was that about $500 to make some imported specials playable?
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