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Default Can a man serve two masters?

So I recently "took the plunge" and ordered a set of smallpipes in A from MacCallum. It's just a standard set with bellows. I really like the sound I've heard on YouTube clips and on various albums, and I'm dying to try it out for myself. Also I love the idea of playing with other musicians without all the tuning fuss, plus being more matched volume-wise. Just being able to play in the house seems fantastic, and I wonder how I'm going to manage the waiting period of 20-22 weeks!!??!

Anyway, now to my concern: I'm a little worried that I might be completely overcome by the smallpipes and neglect the GHB-playing which I assume would be detrimental to my technique. That would be unfortunate. Or else I might play the smallpipes for a while but grow tired of them, and my investment would then just be collecting dust, which would also be unfortunate.

So my question is directed to you smallpipe and GHB-players; can you balance the two and maintain enthusiasm and practice discipline for both instruments, and not let the one have precedence over the other? If so, how do you do it?
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