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Default Can a man serve two masters?

I have battled with this issue too. I have Gibson Ceilidh pipes with Simon Hope bellows. I have hardly played then in the 8 years I have owned them. Last January at Winter Storm, I saw a Utah piper receive smallpipes in A from Fred Morrison and I want a set too!

This winter, I need to prove to myself that I work both instruments: GHB and Gibson Ceilidhs before I plunge into getting a Fred Morrison set.

Because of kid and work commitments, I have dropped my band piping to work on solo - I play grade 3 in light music and grade 2 Piobaireachd and want to get my light music to grade 2 also. My hope is that as full GHB practice gets tricky in the winter, I can add more smallpipes playing.

We'll see..............

Good Luck and please let us know what works for you.

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