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Default Re: Drone reeds "double toning"?

Originally Posted by Piping Potential View Post

Yes, feel encouraged. Cane isn't as difficult as you might think. Downside is they like to be played often and don't hold tune as easily as synthetic. I play a cane bass and if I don't play my pipes for a couple of days the reed will shut off next time I do play. But a little pull on the tongue fixes that.
Funny this thread has gotten kicked back up a few times now.
After I posted in it 3 years ago, I played cane in my drones for about a year. I didn't have many problems with them in pipe band, though people were surprised a newbie even wanted to mess with cane. The worst that would happen is that one of them would shut off. I played them in my first band competition with no issue. I keep them in a ziploc bag now though, due to not being able to get on pipes everyday anymore. I really miss how efficient they are.
At the moment I'm playing the same reeds the OP originally asked about - Henderson Harmonic Deluxe (carbon fiber tongue). I found that they were set pretty hard at the shop, and I had to move the bridles down quite a bit, so I can see why they would double tone out of the box for some players, including me. After playing them a few times they settled in, and I really like them. Quite efficient, and have a comparatively cane like sound.
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