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Default Re: Favourite chanter pitch

Had an interesting experience leading up to a St Patrick's concert performed for the public on March 14. Our band (competition Grade IV) was invited to play with a local Fire Dept pipe band. I attended several practices with them over the weeks preceding the concert, and found that they were playing poly McC2 chanters, so their pitch was 476 Hz. As I play a McC2 ABW chanter in my solo pipe, which pitches optimally between 474 - 476 Hz, so I had no problem getting my McCallum poly band chanter down from our band's pitch of 480 Hz. Unfortunately, I tried to warn the other fellows in my band, most of whom didn't attend any of the practices. Needless to say, on the day of the concert, they had a heck of a time getting in tune with the Fire Dept band. If I had been participating with the Fire Dept band as an individual, I would have used my solo pipe instead of my band pipe. I bought a McC2 chanter over ten years ago to use as my solo chanter because McCallum designed it to pitch lower than the current band pitch. It was interesting running into a band playing a chanter designed for solo use, but then they aren't a competitive pipe band. The concert went well so "all's well that ends well". If I was PM of such a band I would go with the concert B chanters, but that's just me.

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