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Default Re: Painting of the "Mole at Tangiers"

Originally Posted by Adam Sanderson View Post
Is it still in the The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich?
While I was still living near London getting a good image of the Mole pipers was high on my "to do" list and I visited the museum in person on several occasions trying to find someone who could help me out. Emails and phone calls had yielded no result, but neither did personal entreaty.
It is still listed as being there Adam, and they do seem to own it which in theory should make getting a copy more straight forward. Though even getting an answer from them would be a start. Way back when he first published his 'Highland Bagpipe and its Music' Roddy Cannon had permission to publish a copy, but it is small and black and white.

I think it was David Murray in his book on the Music of the Scottish Regiments who first quoted the suspicion that the four pipers were 'not quite right' and were perhaps a later addition. It was also as the illustrated cover of his book that he used another early picture of a regimental piper, the painting circa 1769-71 of Lady Lennox with her husbands regiment the 25th at Minorca.

That is also hard to get copies of as although it is at the National Army Museum they do not own it and so requires permission from its owner. Oddly though that one is actually 'online' on the Museum website with an enlarging button, if you google the relevant parts. (Lady Lennox, Minorca and 25th).

Interesting set of pipes with drones as would fit with that period or slightly earlier. I like the fact that the piper seems to be trying to shove his bass drone into the ear of the drummer in front. Seems an apt visual statement, at least from the pipers point of view.

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